About Us

Chaney Consulting Group is a specialized provider of professional workers’ compensation and risk management services to employers in Ohio.

With a unique understanding and experience from the employer’s point of view, we provide a focused and goal-oriented approach to reducing premiums and controlling the exposures associated with workers’ compensation and employee absences.

Personalized service is delivered in a team setting using a single Claims Manager supported by a team of experienced professionals from various disciplines. Caseloads are closely monitored and kept well below industry standards to allow our Claims Managers to interact with our clients as professionals and be available as resources.

We employ only the best personnel in the industry and support them with state-of-the-art systems and a dynamic and exciting work environment. On average our professional staff has 17 years industry experience, and has been with our company for more than six years. Our clients enjoy the continuity of service that comes from minimal turnover and a close working relationship with their team at Chaney.

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Chaney Consulting Group is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Case Western Reserve Weatherhead 100 award as “One of the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Northeast Ohio”.