FMLA Administration

Chaney Consulting Group provides total disability management, coordination and expertise. We are an experienced resource for large employers who want to successfully manage FMLA just as aggressively as they do occupational injuries (workers’ compensation) and non-occupational injuries or illness (short term disability).

The Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA is increasingly challenging for employers to manage. While the intent of the act was hailed as a positive initiative to help employees with serious health conditions balance their work and personal lives, employers have felt the burden shift to them as they are the ones who now must balance compliance with the demands of running a businesses.

We help reduce with the significant corporate exposure that comes with handling these claims and provide you with experts you can lean on who understand the issues.

Each claim requires thoughtful analysis, careful tracking and must include frequent communication with all parties. Coordination with other State and Federal regulations such as workers’ compensation and ADA along with company disability benefits is essential, as is staying abreast of the Department of Labor’s ongoing attempts to expand what qualifies as an FMLA event. Adding to the complexity and confusion is that FMLA extends to immediate family members of employees, not just the employees themselves.

In managing FMLA, we begin with a top down review of internal practices, targeting areas for improvement and making recommendations. Policies must be up to date, compliant with the Act and strictly adhered to. Next, together, we develop an effective system of communication for reviewing each new application and determining whether the condition and situation constitute FMLA eligibility. Our expertise and experience along with frequent communication is the core of the program.